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By today, I was supposed to have a Halloween challenge and a verse update written, but in the end my concentration has been shot, and not a single word has made it onto a page. *sorry*

This is my teeny, tiny offering for Halloween instead.

Title: Sam's Halloween
Rating: pg-13
Description: Sam hates Halloween. (Wincest)
Length: Drabble (100 words)
Disclaimer: This is all fiction folks, the boys and their world don't belong to me.*damn*

Sam's Halloween

Sam remembers a Halloween party with a love that was shattered.

Monsters, Samhain and demon-blood memories stain his tattered soul.

Sam hates Halloween.

But there are small compensations;

Dean caught with his hand in a candy bowl, and Dean’s sticky-toffee grin.

Dean’s happy-full groan, and the wicked gleam in his eye when Sam’s hand slides under layers to soothe his belly.

Sugar, sharp on Dean’s lips and the syrup taste of Dean’s mouth as Sam steals a kiss.

And the warm exhale of Dean’s sweet breath on Sam’s chest, as their limbs tangle together, on a messed up motel bed.
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Title: Black Cat and Broomsticks
PG  It's Halloween and Jared has been talked into taking a horde of children trick or treating. The 'haunted house' they call at has an unexpected treat. Featuring vet!Jared, zombie!Jensen (or not), Ronald Macdonald, witches, a pumpkin and a cat

Wordcount: ~3,600
Warnings: Kissing, mature language, unabashed schmoop and Halloween ridiculousness.
Disclaimer: This is fiction, pure fantasy folks. Nobody here belongs to me and they’re not likely to get in my van for candy any time soon.

Jared should be pissed that his sister is using Jared’s pathetic, lonely, all work and no play, single existence to her advantage. I mean, he would be, that is if he had time to worry about it, but right now Ronald Macdonald has fallen over, and damn if he’d rather not touch that creepy costume with a bargepole. He will though, because it belongs to Megan’s neighbor’s seven-year old, gluten-intolerant brat.
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