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Title: The Right Moves
Characters: Sam/Dean
Pre-series. Drabble. Dean hadn't intended for Sam's prom to end badly - in fact he wanted Sam's moves to be smooth
Warnings None.


Disclaimer:Not real and don't belong to me

The Right Moves

Before Sam’s prom Dean went looking for a hooker.

It took time, street corners and clubs to find her.

“Hey darlin’, ” Dean drawled, because she was perfect, aging and faded from her former glory of nights on the arms of wealthy men.

She licked her lips, named her price, and Dean brought her to Sammy, in a motel that matched her shabby glamor.

She taught them to dance, and smiled when Sam led his brother in a passable rumba. Later, Sam cussed when Dean insisted they practice together.

Sometimes, when they’re alone, they still dance. Sam leads and Dean follows.


RL and Christmas have been conspiring to keep me from my keyboard and it sucks. I haven't even had time to read much so I have been admiring various authors drabbles. Ever since I discovered that a drabble is exactly 100 words I have been trying to get my head around HOW? How do they do it, and so well? The hardest thing I find to write i short and since that would seem the most appropriate type of writing to practise right now I decided to have a go, but I didn't have a topic. Then derekthereindeer n Tumblr mentioned that they were reading fanfic and J2 were dancing and they just couldn't imagine that far. It occurred to me that I can, really can .. and not only that, but with Sam and Dean and the whole no personal space issue, plus their fighting being almost like a dance itself I can actually stretch my imagination to Sam and Dean dancing together. So yeah. I tried and I got exactly 100 words. (in the end!)

*Fic. Rec Following on from this, after a discussion with [livejournal.com profile] sammichgirl about my headcanon for the actual prom - and the bitter Rachel Neve/Dean event - she has a written a wonderful (angsty) one-shot here which gives the story how I thought it might have happened.

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