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Apparently, what inspires most of my SPN short fic is tiny details in the script which get under my skin. Today was one of those days.

Title: Toast
Rating: Gen. Suitable for all.
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester
Description: Weechesters. Fast-written ficlet inspired by a post on Tumblr by
wondering what past events led to Sam's comment about John which Dean doesn't defend, "the man can't work a toaster".
Warnings: traumatized Dean, angst
Length: ~1K
Disclaimer: This is all fiction folks. Neither the boys or their world belong to me. I'm playing for fun, not profit.


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The Hunt.

Feb. 21st, 2012 07:55 pm
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Title: The Hunt.
 PG/Gen. Young Sam and Dean are at Uncle Bobby’s. Wee!Sam (does eleven qualify as wee?) has to save Dean from some nasty critters but Dean doesn’t believe the creatures exist. (Not Wincest)
Warnings: Hm. This is awkward. There’s no sex, violence, smut, incest, blood, body parts or bodily fluids but there is a big squick and I can’t say what it is because just writing the word is, well, squicky and I can guarantee that 90% of readers will be affected by it but only short term and it isn’t a trigger. It is safe,  you will recover. I hope. Really though don’t blame me, you’ve been warned. I had to write the damn thing and I’ll get over it. 
Unbetaed. Questionable attempt at humor. 
Wordcount: ~1,800
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean don’t exist and even if they did they wouldn’t belong to me, also none of this happened. This makes me very sad.

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