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Welcome to anniespinkhouse on Dreamwidth. The username Eisht is from my Tumblr and in case you're wondering is more of a 'hush' noise. It is Wenglish (corrupted Welsh/English spoken in the Welsh Valleys) and is from the Welsh word 'ust' meaning 'Be quiet'. It is quite literally me reminding myself to shut the fuck up, nobody needs to be bored by my crap.   

I shall be moving from LJ very slowly. For now I
 have only imported my entries. All my links take back to LJ. I simply don't have the spoons to fix it right now. I will work on it but a snail might be faster. 

The main focus of my LJ is my fanfiction, but you may also come across other fanworks and fandom musings and just occasionally a personal or inspirational post.

My fiction veers wildly from general and fluff through to extremely dark and uncomfortable. What can I say? My muse is random and I like to explore different plots and relationship/power dynamics. Please check warnings and tags for squicks and triggers and heed those warnings.

I don't own any rights to any of the shows that my fiction dabbles in and I don't make any profit on it.
I do write RPF, especially J2. Please note that in all of these stories I simply like to play with their visage, in much the same way as they would act out a character as a part of their profession. Their real lives and relationships are none of my business.

Thank you for visiting my playground. Comments are the love and lifeblood of a fandom writer. I welcome concrit and promise I don't bite.

For PDF/ePUB etc most of my fic can be found on my A03 although it tends to be updated some time after LJ.


Masterlist of Fanworks
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Supernatural RPF
In the Flesh
New Blood (BBC)

All works are complete unless stated. Warnings are posted with the fic.

My fanfiction is written for personal entertainment and reading and I retain the copyright to it. Do not reproduce, repost or distribute without my permission.



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Title : The Cost of Christmas

Rating : Gen
Characters : Connor Temple, James Lester
Disclaimer : If they were mine they would be back on our screens. Unfortunately I own nothing.
Spoilers and Warnings : None
Summary : Connor is in trouble but some sights are worth the cost. Written for the Primeval100 challenge 448, Christmas Lights.


Connor looked around James Lester's flat, assessing the damage with horror;

Two Wedgewood snowflake decorations, £49.90
Four reindeer and sleigh baubles, £99.80
Harrods Luxe Lodge crackers, £499.99
Bespoke holly and ivy garland, £35.30

“Sid! Nancy!” he called, at first wheedling, then desperate.

He heard the click of a lock. It was too late to run.

There was rustling, and an enthusiastic crunch, munch, coming from the pride of Lester's Christmas display, yet Connor couldn't prevent his dorky, affectionate grin;

Two naughty Diictodons in the tree, illuminated by a sparkling tangle of colourful Christmas lights: Priceless.


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Guess what, it's almost mid October. How can I not have written a word for spook-me, when it's already in my head? It's not even very long. Guh.

On the plus side thetrueparadisecity has a whole slew of fantastic vids which remind me why I want to write these two so much - and a whole lot more from some of my favorite shows and films to distract me.

I can, I shall, I will, but I should really try to sleep first. Grr.
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So, another Becker drabble happened. He's such a distraction.

Summary: Drabble. Something came through the anomaly. Becker wants to keep it.
Characters: Captain Becker, Matt Anderson, James Lester.
Rating: U - All readers
Warnings: none
Wordcount: 100
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me, the show doesn't belong to me and, as far as I am aware, none of this happened.


The anomaly sparkled like a halo behind Becker,“It's not fair,” he muttered. He turned wide hazel eyes on Matt.

“Oh, Jaysus!” Aw, hell, no. Matt wasn't gonna be suckered by him.

Becker stroked the intruder affectionately. “Abby and Connor got to keep Sid and Nancy, and a mammoth.”

Lester fixed Becker with his steely gaze, “Send the tank back, Becker. Churchill needs it. I am not explaining bratwurst-for- breakfast to the Queen. If you want a souvenir, bring back a Messerschmitt.”

Becker grinned, “Really?”

Lester rolled his eyes, “No, not really!”

“A Browning?”

“No!” Lester and Matt chorused.


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{Note: For those waiting on updates for my J2 verses, rest assured I am still working on them (and my Big Bang). They are just kicking my ass at the moment. As for Primeval, well I've been lurking for some time and I really do owe a contribution. This little snippet of Matt/Becker wanted to be written and I thought a drabble would be a good idea. So, this is me dipping a very tentative toe into the water. It was a surprisingly quick write considering the whole exactly 100 words thing which tends to scare the crap out of me.}

Summary: Drabble. Becker is in a predicament. Matt isn't rushing to release him.
Pairings: None unless you squint, then Matt/Becker
Rating: All readers

Warnings: none
Wordcount: 100
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me, the show doesn't belong to me and as far as I am aware none of this happened.


Guns were useless right now. Becker was trussed securely and starting to panic. Skin chafed as he struggled, until pinpricks of blood bubbled wet and warm against unforgiving bonds. He wheezed as his lungs fought the constriction of his chest.

Matt chuckled, “Stop struggling, y’idiot.”

“Easy for you to say. Hurry up,” snapped Becker.

Matt teased him with a glimpse of a spray bottle, “Well now, I was going to help, but you look so pretty all tied up.”

“Matt …,” growled Becker.

“Okay, okay!” Matt squirted weed killer liberally.

Becker sighed. Give him future predators over future triffids any day.



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