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IDK. My kids grew up with Pokemon. They are out there now, fully grown and hunting them. We played too much Pokemon Trainer during holidays and wet days. I watch too much Supernatural, invest too much time in Sam and Dean. All of this combines to DO STUFF to my brain. A weird ficlet was the result.
This isn't a crossover, more a 'what if Pokemon Go is available in their world too' fic and only a vague knowledge of Pokemon Go is required to understand it.

Title: Gotta Catch 'em All
Rating: Gen. Suitable for all.
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mary Winchester, OFC
Description: Season 12 is the year that Sam and Dean gotta catch 'em all. It's all the old monsters with nerdy new prey.
Warnings: None
~700 words
Disclaimer: This is all fiction folks, neither the boys and their world or Pokemon GO belong to me.*damn*

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Snack Therapy
Rating: PG-13
Description: Non-AU (but can be read either as just J2 or with the assumption that their families are 'off-screen').
After bowing out of Jibcon'15, Jared waited for Jensen to get home from AHBL. Cake is therapy- right?

Loosely follows Midnight Snacks and Forbidden Snack. *Shakes head* I may have inadvertantly created a crack drabble 'verse based on food.
Length: Drabble (100 words)
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fufaraw for quickly checking my Americanization.
Disclaimer: This is all fiction folks, the boys don't belong to me and they aren't getting in my van for candy any time soon.
Home, and Texas air. It was therapeutic, but Jared needed something… someone more.

Vanilla aroma drifted in the air. Jared followed the twitch of his nose.

He spotted a glass of wine, “Drink Me!” a post-it urged. He sipped it on the way to the kitchen.

A frosted cupcake stood alone. “Eat Me!” it tempted.

It was delicious. Maybe there were more?

Jared startled as he sneaked into the pantry. “Kiss Me!” the post-it on Jensen enticed him.

Jared obeyed. He sighed happily with the slide of their lips, and slyly repurposed a post-it on himself. “Eat me!” it invited.

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This popped into my head after watching the season 9 extra 'Behind the Scenes, a Fan's Perspective' and it  wasn't going to go away unless I wrote it.
.*runs and hides*

Title: The Great Escape
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Douchebag!Jared/OC
Description: Crack. Set in the au of the mockumentary and won't make much sense without having seen that. "Jared says he loves him..."
Warnings: abuse (but bear with me on it)
Length: Drabble (100 words)
Disclaimer: This is all fiction folks, the boys and their alter egos don't belong to me.*damn*

It’s abuse, that’s what it is. Jared says he loves him and his hands constantly touch him. He’s been tortured with ice and flame, dragged daily on rough ground. He’s torn apart and rearranged at Jared’s whim. When Jared’s done, Bob is locked away, ignored in eerie darkness until the next time Jared decides to use him.

He’s through! Bob makes his bid for freedom, flings himself low and slides from the trailer, before scuttling away.

Only Jensen spies him. He frowns, muttering something about rats.

“My hair!” Jared screeches in horror the next day, but Bob is long gone.

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Okay, I know - I haven't been here forever. I haven't written a word for months and can't keep concentration to read for long either.

I've had to put all my energies into getting better, I've changed meds more times than I've had hot dinners and I've started a course of talking therapy that will last for several more months. On the plus side I can actually get out of bed and do normal stuff like hoovering some days - I've even been known to go to the shops on my own in the last few weeks (shocking I know). On the other hand I am emotionally drained every single day and it's drained my creativity too.

Why do I feel the need to explain all of a sudden?  Well - this is it - the sum total of any writing for the last few months and it is only 5 minutes of madness brought about by Raggles-the-rabbit at Borders pet rescue. I was gonna ask for fic from others, or add it to the Easter bunny drabble I wrote, but words sort of happened when I posted it on Tumblr... because this is so definitely S7 Sam right?

Right now any words feel good, however cliche, short, or generally silly they are. This sort of follows on from Bunny Trouble but it's totally readable without that. So here they are:-


"What the hell, Sammy?! I knew it! I told you! Eating all that rabbit food was just wrong! I mean, there was a hog roast at that fayre, man."


Dean chuckles. “Hey, you couldn’t even lose the sideburns. Ha! Oh, brother they have to go!”

*Thump, hop, crash*

Dean nosedives to the floor as Sam flees under the bed.

"Sam, Sam-my, Sam,Sam, Sammy… "

Dean proffers lettuce.

*Twitch, nibble, hop* onto Dean’s lap.

"Oomph! Holy shit, you couldn’t be a normal size rabbit could you?"


Dean strokes Sam. His fur really is very soft, and this witch case has been very tiring.



*magical poof*

*snore, snuggle, stroke*

"Um, Dean? What the hell? Not enough room in this bed… and let go of my hair dude…"

{On a serious note, Raggles is a giant lionhead rabbit with a sweet personality, who was abandoned in woodland by his owner because his fur was matted. His resultant sores were terrible. He’s been shaved and treated and is now looking for a forever home in the Scottish Borders with a neutered female rabbit - see link if you’re interested.}

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Happy holidays to all my readers. I have barely written a word recently so I figured I should try to give you something, however little. I tried to get chocolate eggs over the inter-waves but it just made a sticky mess of my modem ;)

Title: Bunny Trouble (SPN, Gen)
Rating: Gen
Description: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester. Dean freakin' hates witches. Just a little easter bunny fluff for my readers.
Length: Drabble (100 words)
Warnings: crack, big bunny fluff, a teeny tiny bit of suggestive language.
Disclaimer: This is all fiction folks, the only bunny that belongs to me is the plot bunny.


“Son of a bitch, Sammy! Freakin’ witches!”

Dean peered frantically into the fayre’s easter-rabbit enclosure. He lifted out the huge, brown bunny and sidled through the crowd toward the impala.

He ran fingers through soft fur. Damn but bunny-Sam was cute. His fingers stroked further – “Still a BIG boy,” Dean chuckled, as he walked into a solid wall of… Sam.

“Forgot the rosemary...” Sam said, “Er, Dean…?”

Dean looked up at his brother and back at the rabbit.

Sam’s shoulders heaved with laughter.

“Um, Happy Easter?” Dean improvised, shoving the rabbit at his brother with a grin.

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Merry Christmas or Season's Greetings or happy whatever you do this time of year, to my readers and wonderful f-list. This is a little something for you.

Title: The Attic Room
Rating: Teen and Up
Pairing/Characters: J2.
Description: J2 AU. Crack. Dragon!Jared, Elf!Genevieve, Nurse!Jensen.
Jensen was concentrating on his career, which is probably why he found himself almost homeless just before Christmas. Luckily (?) he found a room in Misha and Chad's house. It wasn't the attic room that was advertised, and in fact, he began to think there was something altogether mysterious about the attic room, and evasive about his housemates. Nothing could have prepared him for what he actually discovered there; A dragon, an egg, and maybe love.

Length: ~14,350 words
Warnings: some swear words, sexual concepts, sexual behavior, M.egg-preg, absentee father, sickening quantity of Christmas sparkle and schmoop, oh and Chad Michael-Murray. Unbetaed
Disclaimer: This is fiction, pure fantasy folks. Nobody here belongs to me and they’re not likely to get  in my van for candy any time soon.

A/N: This is a little Christmas present for my readers, a
nd especially my partners in crime in the Triumverate of Evil. I couldn't have got through this year without you. It will be posted in two parts (or three if LJ is being mean) over Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. It is loosely inspired by my teenage love for the book, The L-Shaped Room by Lynne Reid Banks, and before that, my love as a small child for Puff the Magic Dragon. (Don't look at me like that - they totally go together) I hang my head in shame at the lack of porn. My muse was oddly child friendly, which is probably best since much of it was written in the school holidays with nosy teenagers looking over my shoulder.

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I know I love dark fic- and I tend towards it - but anyone who knows me also knows that I love me some crack fic too. There is a new comm on the block, that caters to just this need. It's dedicated to all the fun of crack fic, in the Jensen and Jared variety. As long as it's crack, and includes either Jensen or Jared, it's the place to be. Weird, wonderful, strange, funny - all varieties are welcome.

It's the brainchild of [livejournal.com profile] meus_venator and [livejournal.com profile] simplybeing and they're welcoming members, and new crack fic or art for a bit of a celebration opening from June 1st.
Since I am very greedy and have some wonderful artists, writers and people generally, on my f-list I am pimping this out, and flashing Jared's puppy eyes for some goodies. I have a muse bubbling gently, and I hope others will join me there.
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Title: Rats
Characters: Sam/Dean
 Gen. The boys have a small problem.
Warnings: None.

Wordcount: mini fic
Disclaimer: This Sam and Dean are real. They are not mine, not because I didn't want them, but rather because my cat wanted them too much. My head cannon regarding their predicament may or may not be truthful, unfortunately Sam and Dean can't squeak speak right now.

So we were looking through animals for adoption and found this:-

........and this happened.

“Sonofabitch Sammy!”

“You were the one leering at the witch’s cleavage, Dean.”

“According to you we were looking for a Mister Witch, Einstein.”

“Two witches Dean. Two. I wasn’t wrong.”

“Freakin’ witches. Man I hate witches!”


*Scratch, scrabble, munch*

"Don't give me that beady eyed bitchface, Sam.”

“Fine. Eat your sunflower seeds. Your fur’s all dry.”

“Freakin’ rabbit food. It’s disgusting.”

“Rat food, it's rat food Dean and its nutritionally balanced.”





Sam and Dean have since found a friendly home but unfortunately they haven't broken the spell yet. Both boys are masters at escaping from their cage but while Sam goes in search of solutions and runs all over his owner's cell phone in a futile attempt to text Garth, Dean goes in search of crumbs in burger wrappers.

Dean is a little too fond of cuddling into his owner's cleavage and Sam rebukes him with a swift nip to the end of his tail. They like to snuggle up together in a nest of soft tissue and Dean's paws twitch in his sleep. Of course Sam teases him about this relentlessly and Dean denies it.

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Title: Black Cat and Broomsticks
PG  It's Halloween and Jared has been talked into taking a horde of children trick or treating. The 'haunted house' they call at has an unexpected treat. Featuring vet!Jared, zombie!Jensen (or not), Ronald Macdonald, witches, a pumpkin and a cat

Wordcount: ~3,600
Warnings: Kissing, mature language, unabashed schmoop and Halloween ridiculousness.
Disclaimer: This is fiction, pure fantasy folks. Nobody here belongs to me and they’re not likely to get in my van for candy any time soon.

Jared should be pissed that his sister is using Jared’s pathetic, lonely, all work and no play, single existence to her advantage. I mean, he would be, that is if he had time to worry about it, but right now Ronald Macdonald has fallen over, and damn if he’d rather not touch that creepy costume with a bargepole. He will though, because it belongs to Megan’s neighbor’s seven-year old, gluten-intolerant brat.
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So this is just a little pressie for a certain person. I should have been writing Unsuitable Slave but noooo, can I EVER resist when she dares me. *faceplant*

So here it is ..my first Andromeda fic. ... a very short story, especially er *cough* tailored to that certain person.

PG. Total crack. The Andromeda's crew have a plan to erase the time bridge before it happened. Dylan is his usual self. Vague mention of a tardis like thing. (sorry Whovians)

Warnings: Product of a warped mind. Revolting grammar.
Disclaimer: This is fiction, pure fantasy folks and if it is going to happen, it hasn't yet but point me in the direction of the nearest space port anyhow.

She doesn’t want to be here. Absolutely, definitely does not want to be on this Vedran-forsaken trash pit of a backwater drift.
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