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I am not an arty person. I rarely have a burning desire to dash to see a piece of installation art but oh my,Banksy and friends have outdone themselves in Weston-Super-Mare and I am gutted that I am too far away to go and experience it.

The imagery depicted in what I can see in press releases of Dismaland is deliciously dark and satirical. Honestly, it gives me creative chills of the ooh inspiration for pitch-black dark fic kind.

Now, I'm not saying that some of my flist share my love of all things dark and dystopian *cough* [livejournal.com profile] sylsdarkplace [livejournal.com profile] meus_venator [livejournal.com profile] fufaraw [livejournal.com profile] tipsy_kitty the whole of the [livejournal.com profile] evilsam_spn community and more *cough* but I am not going to waste an opportunity by not drawing attention to the general yumminess and possibilities for all sorts of creativity.

Check out a few:

sourced here

And I am pretty sure there will be a ton load more over the internet over the next few weeks. So yes, I'll just wait over here with puppy eyes and human sacrifices.

Oh and in case you are in the West Country in the next five weeks and want to check  it for real  (because dude - the entry fee is only £3.00 an adult to see work by 58 artists) just to make me cry with insane jealousy  the official site for tickets to Dismaland Bemusement Park and info is here.
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Snack Therapy
Rating: PG-13
Description: Non-AU (but can be read either as just J2 or with the assumption that their families are 'off-screen').
After bowing out of Jibcon'15, Jared waited for Jensen to get home from AHBL. Cake is therapy- right?

Loosely follows Midnight Snacks and Forbidden Snack. *Shakes head* I may have inadvertantly created a crack drabble 'verse based on food.
Length: Drabble (100 words)
Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fufaraw for quickly checking my Americanization.
Disclaimer: This is all fiction folks, the boys don't belong to me and they aren't getting in my van for candy any time soon.
Home, and Texas air. It was therapeutic, but Jared needed something… someone more.

Vanilla aroma drifted in the air. Jared followed the twitch of his nose.

He spotted a glass of wine, “Drink Me!” a post-it urged. He sipped it on the way to the kitchen.

A frosted cupcake stood alone. “Eat Me!” it tempted.

It was delicious. Maybe there were more?

Jared startled as he sneaked into the pantry. “Kiss Me!” the post-it on Jensen enticed him.

Jared obeyed. He sighed happily with the slide of their lips, and slyly repurposed a post-it on himself. “Eat me!” it invited.

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I know I haven't been here forever. I've not been up to participating in fandom or communicating much lately - but this is not about me, THIS is important, this is about Lia ([livejournal.com profile] sylsdarkplace). Some of you may have seen her journal entry describing what is going on with her.

In short she has breast cancer and is undergoing treatment which has a good success rate. However, she is wading through this hardship with health insurance that is dependant on her remaining working, and barely covers the basics of her treatment. It is painful, exhausting and financially crippling.

[livejournal.com profile] vennstiel, describes it best here where she has set up a gofund me for LIa, for anyone to donate whatever they can.

I know that on LJ her help, advice and kindness has been experienced by so many so I am sharing the link here so that everyone has a chance to give. Not everyone is in a position to give anything but shares or signal boosts of this would be helpful too, and if you have a Tumblr then you can follow her personal account killertatas for updates, and to let her know that she is not alone with this.

*bows out*


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